I Walk the Line.

One of my recent favorite commercials is the Levi's Slim Fit Jeans Commercial. There are three versions, but the basic plot goes like this. A guy and a girl are walking from assumed opposite sides of a city, and they are both trekking across the urban jungle and interrupting random situations, like strolling straight through a basketball game in the projects or stepping over papers on top of desks in a busy office floor filled with cubicles.

Finally, after climbing metal fences and stepping over the city landscape, they meet each other in the middle of a traffic-jammed street, packed with yellow taxis and other assortments of metal giants, and they stand about half a foot from each other and they just look into each other eyes and nothing else.

I'm sure there's a far smaller purpose to this ad other than being my inspiration. Levi's is just trying to sell their new skinny dark jeans (which, on a side note, look absolutely great for this fall). But the side of me that is an old-fashioned romantic rises to the surface whenever I see this on TV, and I think that this is something that happens everyday. It doesn't get any better than two young, good-looking, finely-dressed urban hipsters finding each other in the middle of modern havoc. It's very picturesque. Especially for daydreamers who have nothing better to do than imagine odd things.

Those marketers are too convincing. Maybe if I bought Levi's Skinny Jeans, I could experience this little urban rendezvous myself.


Danny said...

Keychain, definitley your best yet.

Anonymous said...

i like these commercials too.

Anonymous said...

Thank's a lot for your comment. It made me very happy. Of course I'll link you! (in a couple of hours though, I'm on my way out for a walk...)

Anonymous said...

you are now linked on my blog!

Danny said...

Sounds like a perfect plan...especially if I can fly and fight pirates and flirt with mermaids and fairies and other girls too.

Kerstin said...

I Love that movie to :)

paul said...
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paul said...


I guess you ment this video:

I'm doing some research about it myself for a project.

I like the following one better (but maybe that's because I'm male?):

By the way, where did you placed those links?

If you like those adds so much, here are a few more;
Brad Pitt in 505 Jeans:


Here is another french one:

If you are still hugry fo some more, here is a whole pool of it :-)

discothequechic said...

aw! Its such a lovely advert! Great blog by the way, glad I stumbled across it, you write really well.

Thanks, Paul for the link, I didn't know where I could find it.

S xx