Springing forward.

Went to one of my best friend's birthday party this weekend, had myself a grand time. Everyone bought new clothes for spring break.

This shirt wins "Most Adorable"; anything with pockets and flowers gets all the points.*
Short post today; I'm leaving tomorrow morning and my suitcase is still empty ! For spring break next week, I'm heading to Boston first, then off to New York for the rest of next weekend. I used to like flying to a certain degree, but now, with all the new TSA regulations with carry-on liquid restrictions and other crackpot "preventative measures" that Americans have cooked up, a 16-hour train ride actually is starting to look appealing. It should be interesting to see how I'm going to fit a week's worth of toiletries in a sandwich bag. Anyway, will update with photos after the trip; no doubt I'll be able to clandestinely snap some street fashion shots.
Where's my ridiculously tiny bottle of shower gel?
*This photo is of my friend, not me. My blog is a (demi-)fashion and traveling blog; I try to feature interesting styles around me. Sorry for any confusion in this post or previous ones. Hint: I'm Asian. =D


Style + substance.

"You're considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity."
--Sofia Coppola.*

*It just made me smile.