Ivy League's Next Top Model.

I've been a bad blogger. No, not just bad, horrifically negligent. I personally think that Blogger should shut down my blogspot just because of my shoddy behavior. I disgust myself.

That being said, I have many new posts in the works. =) Blogging is something that I've definitely missed and something I'm definitely coming back to as of... [looks at watch]... NOW. So many things to say about summer, people, traveling, culture, books, and most important of all--FASHION. Quoting the grossly distasteful CW theme song, "Get ready, 'cause here we go..."

Speaking of the CW, Cycle 9 of ANTM IS HEEEEEEEEEERE. Cycle 8 was disappointingly produced: girls who were chronic complainers, bad photoshoot themes, and who the hell associates high fashion with Australia? Ksubi Jeans rock the house but can hardly be considered couture (even if Gemma Ward hikes those skin-tight torture devices up so far that she gets camel toe). A short review/prediction courtesy of Crumbled Maps:

Heather - Fantastic idea putting her on the show. I've read about Asperger's before; it's like autism combined with high level anxiety. Interesting-looking girl, but she's total bait for all the other bitchy girls on the show (i.e. ALL OF THEM).
Jenah - "Like, I mean, I'm not like these other girls, I'm, like, smart, you know? Like, I read books and stuff." News flash: Teen Vogue is not a book.
Ebony - Great. Another Jade. At least she doesn't look 40.
Chantal - Seriously. Are all the girls from down south obsessed with themselves? It's time to pull that tampon out of your ass.
Victoria - Repping the Ivy League, what's up?! I was wondering if the producers would smarten up and start putting decently intelligent girls on the show who can hold an entire conversation that's not about themselves, their pole-grinding backgrounds, or the fact that they only auditioned so they could "get their haaair did and look FIERCE like Tyra, girl, you know what I sayin'?" I almost pity her; she'll probably lose a lot of credibility by being on this show when she goes back to Yale. Still, I hope she wins.

Ivy League, save us from the superficial idiocy that is American youth!

I'm debating whether or not to follow the show. It's gotten more ridiculous each cycle, and I guess I should expect some level of superficiality considering it's a modeling competition. But it's depressing that these girls represent the substance of America.

The word "fierce" gets thrown around too much on the show. Tyra needs a thesaurus.