Loose ends.

Dear faithful readers,

Fear not, I am not dead nor have I been quarantined with SARS! (With my heritage, I'm more susceptible, you know.) Life has been occupying me--a little bit too overbearingly, might I add. School, life-altering tests, THE DAMNED FLU! I just recovered from a state of feverish delusion. The worst was in the middle of the week when I tried to eat my own hand.

I've been planning to post something for a while, I've got a bunch of funny stories to story. But just this weekend, my laptop's monitor decided to snap off its base, I guess my Dell's had enough of me. So while my evil computer is in the shop, I'm using this temporary replacement as a painful substitute. Everything saved in my hard drive isn't with me, but hopefully, I can still entertain you all and update soon. In the meantime, check out my lovely friends' blogs, they're worth a skim, especially my knightly friend and Miss Disco across the pond.

Ah, but the course of blogging never did run smooth... a bientot, mes cheries!

Love, Q.