Chinoiserie: absolutely mad!

FINALLY. I'm hopping on Asiana Flight No. XXXX tomorrow to arrive, 20 hours later, to the land of cheap mass manufacturing and where all American jobs are disappearing to. Or, for lack of a better euphemism, China. I invite you to share my itinerary for my six-week vacation.

July 9-13: Guilin, near the border of Vietnam, a city with natural landscapes that stun.
July 14-20: Shanghai (can someone say STREET STYLE BLOGS?).
July 21: Backpacking around China's east coast.
August: Xiamen, a coastal city in southwestern China, where I've been promised that I'll go home with trunks of clothes and shoes to last me five seasons.

Expect photos and street style hunting soon. Who knows. Maybe I'll see one of you at the airport while we're going our separate ways or in a Chinese cafe having an afternoon tea.
A bientot.