Lucky number se7en.

With hours left before the bell tolls, the ball drops, etc., I keep thinking how 2006 blurred past me without leaving behind any footprints. A year older and supposedly, a year wiser (PAH! I beg to differ. Stifling guffaws when my friends and I pass the lingerie section of the department store tells me a little about my maturity level). Was it really seven years ago that people were running around buying jumbo water jugs and family-size cases of tomato soup in case a nuclear war broke out on Y2K?

Highlights of Double-Oh Six:
- Learning that in le francais, you miss someone because tu me manques.
- Buying Edie Sedgwick boots.
- Staying in Beijing for a week.

- Viewing the best art masterpieces in the world @ the Millenium Art Gallery (left, above) by way of Cleveland Museum of Art, including some by my hero.
- Met the most fascinating people I've ever met.
- Brandon Davis inventing the term "firecrotch."
- Britney's firecrotch. (It's bad when your legs have to be held together by Paris Hilton. =\...)
- Swimming in the Li Jiang.
- Eating frog legs.
- Wishing I knew they were frog legs when I put them in my mouth.

Of course, to celebrate the new year, les femmes went shopping. The only thing that can accompany paisley and cheap satin is, perhaps, Saturday Night Fever. Oh, John!

This New Year's eve, I'm spending it with la famille. TIME IS TOO FLEETING! Dear old grandfather clock, can't your pendulum swing backwards?


The absence of snowflakes.

Oh, la neige! Reviens à nous! It just didn't feel 100% like Xmas without the snowflakes drifting around, making Asians everywhere seem like they don't wash their hair ever. But this holiday season was v. enjoyable for me; got to see friends and talked to people I haven't in a long time. Went to a few parties and had my fair share of disco and silliness.

My friends are probably the hippest people I know; they're so stinkin' cute.

We've always wanted to be Harajuku girls from Tokyo.


Baby, it's cold outside.

It's that time of year. And by that, I mean Happy Nondenominational Holidays. It's absolutely imperative that we all be politically correct this season and not force our religious beliefs on anyone. So let's decorate the "holiday tree", shall we? Wishful thinking leads me to hope that we all lived in a simpler time when saying "Merry Christmas" didn't offend anyone. =]

Making the Christmas rounds, had a lovely time at a party last night with mes amis, who are all very hipster.

A satin dress from a mediocre chain store, but Mel tailor-fitted it to herself by trimming the hem (she's very petite) and layering it over a lace tank top.

Brea wearing a velvet blazer and amazing pink slingbacks. Her handband had stitches in the shape of hearts all over.

Argyle will never go out of style. Kind of like loafers in that aspect.

Satin cocktail dresses. The one on the right looks v. old Hollywooooooood!
This was her grandma's old dress, so it's REAL VINTAGE, GUYS. Get it straight.

Tights are so Paris. And warm. I'll tip us a glass of fake bubbly champagne. Merry Xmas to that!


I Walk the Line.

One of my recent favorite commercials is the Levi's Slim Fit Jeans Commercial. There are three versions, but the basic plot goes like this. A guy and a girl are walking from assumed opposite sides of a city, and they are both trekking across the urban jungle and interrupting random situations, like strolling straight through a basketball game in the projects or stepping over papers on top of desks in a busy office floor filled with cubicles.

Finally, after climbing metal fences and stepping over the city landscape, they meet each other in the middle of a traffic-jammed street, packed with yellow taxis and other assortments of metal giants, and they stand about half a foot from each other and they just look into each other eyes and nothing else.

I'm sure there's a far smaller purpose to this ad other than being my inspiration. Levi's is just trying to sell their new skinny dark jeans (which, on a side note, look absolutely great for this fall). But the side of me that is an old-fashioned romantic rises to the surface whenever I see this on TV, and I think that this is something that happens everyday. It doesn't get any better than two young, good-looking, finely-dressed urban hipsters finding each other in the middle of modern havoc. It's very picturesque. Especially for daydreamers who have nothing better to do than imagine odd things.

Those marketers are too convincing. Maybe if I bought Levi's Skinny Jeans, I could experience this little urban rendezvous myself.


Fashion police.

Milwaukee: the city where fashion's the only thing that isn't criminal. Going there for a business conference isn't the most culture anyone can experience, but I entertained myself by snapping originally dressed people. (And scaring myself; there were 2 murders the night we stayed.) Of course, being in the middle of the midwest, la mode is more nonexistent rather than scarce. But I try to surround myself with interesting people.

The hoodie scares me, but I'm digging the fact that he got his bomber from Goodwill for 1$. Boys look good in scarves, even better than MKO.
These shoes are borderline trashy, but somehow, she manages to make them work with the interesting brocade detail. The heels were probably a couple mm in diameter, so the girl was NOT walking.

There's something about sexy secretaries. Going for Maggie Gyllenhaal, so a good dose of sarcastic, charming wit was on hand.


The Nautical Mile

I do realize this is a few seasons ago, so save the tisk-tisking. =] I've recently developed a penchant for nautically-inspired clothing. Although I risk looking too resort-y and WASP-y, a girl just looks so clean and fresh as a sailor. Of course, the trashy metallic bag's got to go, and I'd add Chloe booties. You can never wear head-to-toe RL; do you want to be mistaken for a stiff D.A.R. debutante?

Et voila. Added a gold chain and a Tiffany's necklace. Let's go downtown.



While on a recent foreign expedition, I realized just how much I've learned this past year by traveling alone. In retrospect on my experiences, I've decided to blog about the adventures I've had and what I pick up on the way. Enjoy.