Fashion police.

Milwaukee: the city where fashion's the only thing that isn't criminal. Going there for a business conference isn't the most culture anyone can experience, but I entertained myself by snapping originally dressed people. (And scaring myself; there were 2 murders the night we stayed.) Of course, being in the middle of the midwest, la mode is more nonexistent rather than scarce. But I try to surround myself with interesting people.

The hoodie scares me, but I'm digging the fact that he got his bomber from Goodwill for 1$. Boys look good in scarves, even better than MKO.
These shoes are borderline trashy, but somehow, she manages to make them work with the interesting brocade detail. The heels were probably a couple mm in diameter, so the girl was NOT walking.

There's something about sexy secretaries. Going for Maggie Gyllenhaal, so a good dose of sarcastic, charming wit was on hand.


Bobble Bee said...

nice skirt! i like the pleats a lot!

S. said...

Ahh, that is my fav look and my favourite love story!

Anonymous said...

I love that skirt!