Lucky number se7en.

With hours left before the bell tolls, the ball drops, etc., I keep thinking how 2006 blurred past me without leaving behind any footprints. A year older and supposedly, a year wiser (PAH! I beg to differ. Stifling guffaws when my friends and I pass the lingerie section of the department store tells me a little about my maturity level). Was it really seven years ago that people were running around buying jumbo water jugs and family-size cases of tomato soup in case a nuclear war broke out on Y2K?

Highlights of Double-Oh Six:
- Learning that in le francais, you miss someone because tu me manques.
- Buying Edie Sedgwick boots.
- Staying in Beijing for a week.

- Viewing the best art masterpieces in the world @ the Millenium Art Gallery (left, above) by way of Cleveland Museum of Art, including some by my hero.
- Met the most fascinating people I've ever met.
- Brandon Davis inventing the term "firecrotch."
- Britney's firecrotch. (It's bad when your legs have to be held together by Paris Hilton. =\...)
- Swimming in the Li Jiang.
- Eating frog legs.
- Wishing I knew they were frog legs when I put them in my mouth.

Of course, to celebrate the new year, les femmes went shopping. The only thing that can accompany paisley and cheap satin is, perhaps, Saturday Night Fever. Oh, John!

This New Year's eve, I'm spending it with la famille. TIME IS TOO FLEETING! Dear old grandfather clock, can't your pendulum swing backwards?


Danny said...

Wait...you still have finals? Myne were done last year...oh wait, thats right, you are still in the good ole WHS.
We shall talk soon, I hope since I need some sarcasm and the works.
Of course I'm an 87'er. I am getting old. I feel like butter that has been spread over too much bread. It also weirded me out last year when I realized that your grade was born in the 90's.....
Well, I think I am going to go do nothing seeing as how I don't have class for a few weeks...unlike you.

Mill said...

You are right. 2000 was hysterical, but I guess every year has its charm. We've been laughing hysterically at Britney the last weeks. She's a big subject for conversation and those pictures of her that has been published the last days are scary. At the same time it's hard not to feel sorry for that kind of person.

I love those dresses by the way!

CC said...

that is a cute short polka dotted mini dress!

discothequechic said...

Where are you Q?

I'm missing your posts!

Hope all is well, though.

S xx

That Student said...

I just want to say that I love your banner.

I also answered your question for real this time.

Update soon....