Soho Street Style.

Hip girls that I shot in different parts of New York (i.e. Soho, Morningside Heights, etc.).

When I first saw this on the No. 1 subway line downtown, I thought it looked tacky. But upon closer inspection, this girl had fun with her outfit by pairing a vintage leather bomber with electric blue puff capris. Her flats were interesting as well; the heel looked like it was upside down.
Some people have complained to me that they hate the skinny jean trend because it seemingly calls on an '80s, super-flashy (and super-tacky) revival. But let's face it: skinny jeans are not going anywhere. They simply look GREAT on many body types. This girl did a great job of dressing herself that morning--a quilted black jacket, a slouchy gray jersey top, a brown hobo bag (a little too trendy, but still), and good old Chuck Taylors.

Two girls inside Columbia University. A little bit leaning on the trendy side, but still looking good. I personally don't understand the whole gigantic-logo-on-sunglasses trend, it's like people are advertising for companies on their face (in that case, you should be getting paid for it). Loving the chunky white scarf on the left. The bags were very simple and luxe, I like the feel and look of worn leather.
New Yorkers are probably the best dressers in terms of footwear. Everyone on the streets had on flats, boots, heels, whatever, that were extremely fascinating and inventive. Flats are still prominent in the city and there are so many different styles and prints. Naturally, I went a little nuts while shopping. In conclusion, I hope that these animal-esque shoes don't just make me want to tempt robbery.


ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Thank you. Right back atcha!

Would love to trade links.

Tok said...

i´ve found your blog looking for hy jin han!! it´s great! and just now i´m totally in love with the shins!!! i add you to my favourites!!!

Carolina Lange said...

Love that last photo!

Elle said...

i still think the first outfit is rushed and tacky, but hey she might have been working out or something. Anways that music that started playing scared the &*%^(*& outta me, because I had my speakers were turned up, anyways cool header pic. :)