A quickie.

Oh, not that kind of quickie--get your minds out of the gutter. Finally getting the motivation to get off my ass and blog about something relevant--and actually rediscovering that, yes, in fact, I do have a blog--I'm posting a short message about one of the greatest artists I've come across in the past year.

Jenny Mortsell, a Swedish artist who illustrates for mostly contemporary hipster magazines, such as Nylon, is seriously and simplistically refreshing in a crowd of overemotional, trust-funded, "pauvre moi, no one understands me" types. Her upfront, realistic pencil renditions of mostly models and other interesting people are anything but plain. Fairly easy to understand in an artistic sense yet inspiringly young, I wish there were more artists like her.

The ubiquitous Irina, immortalized on paper courtesy of Mortsell.

It's not only the talent that is enviable, but also the lifestyle. Those who are aware of the starvation, downfalls, and sometimes (yet not unusual) disaster of an artist's life and knowingly pursue it are admirable. Perhaps not in judgment, but in a kind of intangible aplomb. Doing what you love to do... and the end result being this. It's one of life's rare delights, I think.


North star said...

Your article is very profound significance, perhaps your words and your painting with the same thinking. Did you have been to China, it is pleased to see your blog.

Carolina Lange said...

Great post!

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Aw, why thank you.

Hey, Jenny Mortsell's illustrations! Love them! :D

discothequechic said...

Oh my good god, you're back!

I was just going through my links list deleting links to the blogs that have folded and was dithering over yours thinking it had.

So I'm so glad to see that you're still alive!

Jenny Mortsells pictures are great; I recognise them, so it's probably from Nylon.


Tru said...


Emma said...

That second picture is absolutely lovely.

Heather said...

I like the drawings--they display actual skill as well as talent and imagination. It really is quite refreshing.